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System Management

System Health Check

POST /api/v1/system-health-check

This API end-point is used to perform a health check on various system components such as MySQL, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Redis, and Session management. It requires an admin API key for authorization.

Request Body Parameters:

SessionIDThe ID of the user's current sessionYes
APIKeyThe user's API key. Either SessionID or APIKey must be provided.Yes
AdminAPIKeyThe admin API key for authorizationYes
curl -X GET "" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer {Admin API Key}"
# 200 OK
"Checks": {
"MySQL": "OK",
"Elasticsearch": "OK",
"RabbitMQ": "OK",
"Redis": "OK",
"Session": "OK",
"SystemContainer": "OK",
"AdminFrontend": "OK",
"UserFrontend": "OK"
# 503 Service Unavailable
"Errors": [
"Code": 1,
"Message": "Authentication failed. Invalid admin API key."
"Code": 2,
"Message": "There is no registered admin user."
"Code": 3,
"Message": "Elasticsearch connection failed."
"Code": 4,
"Message": "RabbitMQ connection failed."
"Code": 5,
"Message": "Redis connection failed."
"Code": 6,
"Message": "Session is not active."
1: Authentication failed. Invalid admin API key.
2: There is no registered admin user.
3: Elasticsearch connection failed.
4: RabbitMQ connection failed.
5: Redis connection failed.
6: Session is not active.

HTTP Response and Error Codes:

HTTP Response CodeError CodeDescription
403-Authentication failed
5031-6At least one system check failed

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